Mixed Reality


TIME, SPACE & RESOURCE - three major obstacles for us humans. We all want easy access to everything and everyone at the snap of our fingers. Imagine exploring your favorite destination right from your couch, meet that friend for dinner who is thousands of miles apart or the milky way is no longer an unknown territory.

Our technology makes all that possible, bridging the gap immersively and transforms the way we learn, work & play.

Explore Universe at home

Mirare engine takes you beyond the books and makes learning visual and interactive in ways unimaginable.

Rediscover the fairy world

With MR technology, real-world becomes the fairy world. Join your young one in the story play or take a walk with a dinosaur and experience joy of play like never before.

Trails at your comfort

Running around different stores or browsing online sites can be chaos. But MR`s superimposing feature lets you put that furniture in the living room before purchasing it, getting that different look without an expert`s advice was never so easy.

Reach out and let your mind explore

Mirare engines are designed for the best experience possible with quick and simple commands. Be it a professional or a child, anyone can create the magic.


Any phone, Any device

Mirare software has been designed for the best experience possible on any device.

Industries we serve?

Real Estate




Media & Entertainment

Travel & Tourism


Retail & E-Commerce