About Mirare Interacttive

We are the AIM - Achievers & Innovators of Mirare

Our Office

Mirare's aim is the soul hymn to build a three-dimensional hyper-realistic environment. Be it child's story book character, classroom turned to a digital planet, a designer's epic ballgown or see-through display on your car. We make it all possible.
Mirare Interacttive is headquartered in the silicon valley of India, Bangalore and we specialize in the development of mixed reality engines. Our team uses our in-house technics to create top quality tools with smooth and approachable designs complimented by superb visuals to suit the requirements. Our Capitative design and customized technology have been efficacious in attracting the clients time and again.
At Mirare, we believe in team play. Together we strive to create immersive mixed reality stories and deliver high-quality solutions across different industries.

Our Philosophy


Achievements increases when by working together and makes work relaxed.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and gain the trust of our stakeholders by exceeding their expectation.


Continuously challenge ourselves to achieve healthy growth in the industry.